About Us

United4Defense is a networking organization founded in 2012 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by a group of professionals dedicated to the promotion of innovation within the defense industry. Noticing a rift in communication between large system integrators and small business innovators, our mission is to create an avenue for interaction within a casual, informal atmosphere. We welcome local professionals, scientists and students from nearby labs, army and air force bases as well as surrounding universities to come together once a month for networking, sharing ideas and learning more about new and inventive defense-related technologies. We aim to build long-lasting connections between big businesses and small start-ups in the defense industry that otherwise might not have the opportunity to meet and to cultivate an inclusive culture of education, collaboration and innovation.

For more information, you can contact United4Defense organizers: Katie.shea@hgh-infrared.com or Vanessa.Couturier@hgh-infrared.com.